HIMANIFO UNIMMA is a website that reviews information, news, activities, and sharing which is oriented in the field of informatics.

1. Writing on this website mostly uses techniques: write, write, and write whatever comes to mind, then PUBLISH πŸ˜€. I created this website as a forum for writing works & I have no intention of copying and pasting the writings of other parties or offending other parties. But if any of my posts turn out to be offensive to Other Parties, please let them know in the comments column. I will edit or delete immediately.

2. You publish part or all of my writing with or without first asking permission to include a link to the article (No need for live link. ... As long as the source is plain) πŸ˜€.

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5. I invite you to blogwalking, just say hello and so on. And as much as possible I will reply to incoming comments. But if I don't reply or it takes a long time to reply… yes, sorry πŸ˜€